26 November 2018
Top 10 Tips for a Happy Office

Following the success of our recent Instagram stories, we wanted to share our top tips for a better office life......................

1. Move!

You can waste a lot of time and money trying to make the best of an office that fundamentally doesn’t suit you, your workforce or your business. It’s a big step but can open a new chapter for your business with better space at better terms. Come and talk to us about the opportunities, but if you’re resolved to stay put…

2. Say it with fruit

Supplying a fresh fruit is a great way of getting the team through a post-weekend hangover, or an afternoon sugar crash. You will save far more than you spend by limiting the ‘sickies’ that occur from unhealthy habits.

3. You smell great!

Help the staff to freshen up by supplying deodorant, hand cream, toothpaste, hair gel, breath freshener etc. Get basket and fill it with those travel-size toiletries from Boots.

4. Fit for work

Cycle racks, running clubs, sponsored walks – encourage everyone to be active and set an example by making sure you join in!

5. Party!

You’re eating well, you’re fit, you smell great – it’s time to party! Get the team out to the pub, go to a comedy club or try axe-throwing (check out Whistle Punks). People may love their work but most of the real memories are made away from the office.

6. Spotify Fridays

A silent office can be painful... headphones are becoming the norm but investing in a Sonos player and a Spotify account can add a real edge to the end of the week. Give everyone a chance to pick a favourite tune to inflict on the office; a great way to wind down before the weekend.

7. ‘Collision’ spaces

For decades, workspace boffins have evangelised the importance of ‘water-cooler’ but in the time it takes to pour a cup of water means you can’t discuss much more than last night’s Love Island. Create a real break-out space where people actually want to be and they’ll use it and then they’ll start talking and then the magic happens (or they’ll all get engaged to each other).

8. Furry friends

Remember: a well-behaved dog in the office can be a stress reliever and (allergies aside) can soften the working environment completely. And exactly the opposite also applies. Proceed with caution when thinking about introducing additional species into the office.

9. Charity

Give something back to society; it makes you feel great. Find a community project to support; wielding a paintbrush is a great antidote to a PC screen. Sign up for Stoptober, Movember or Fanuary.

10. Thank you!

Say it. A lot. When something’s gone well then acknowledge it. When the weekend’s approaching ask the team for their highlights. If there haven’t been any, acknowledge their efforts and look forward to the week to come.